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You need a sound card if you dont have an on-board sound chip on your motherboard.  Almost all kinds of applications need sound - from games and music to business projects presentations, multimedia apps, and movies.  Do look out for these features of a sound card.

Channels of Sound Card

These are the various channels of sound card:

  • 2 channels:  These sound cards support stereo output for 2 speakers
  • 2.1 channels:  It supports 2 speakers + 1 woofer
  • 4.1 channels:  4.1 channels sound cards support 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers and 1 woofer.
  • 6 channels / 5.1 channels:  This means it supports surround sound for 1 center speaker, 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers and 1 woofer.
  • 7 channels / 6.1 channels:  It supports 2 front speakers, 2 middle speakers, 2 rear speakers and 1 woofer. 

A woofer or sub-woofer produces base sound.  For general listening, a 2-channel sound card will do.  However, if you want surround sound with low-range sound, you might want to consider 4.1, 5.1 or 6.1-channel sound card.  As a PC gamer myself, I cant describe how realistic a computer game can be in a surround sound system environment.  Movies and music played on it?  What more can I say

Note:  Keep in mind that the channels of sound card you choose must be coupled with the right speakers to enjoy the full benefits.  For example, a 2.1-channel sound card should output to a 2.1-speaker system to get the full spectrum of sound.

Types of Sound Card

  • Internal Sound Card
  • External Sound Card: Certain small-size external USB sound cards might not have headphone jack.