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Optical disk drive uses laser technology.  The most common formats of optical disks are CD and DVD.  Optical burners are used to burn or write large amount of data onto recordable discs. 

What you have to consider when buying a DVD burner is whether you want to write once or rewrite over and over again.  DVD burners are of 2 types:

  • DVD-R (Recordable) burner allows for writing only once onto a blank R disc. 
  • DVD-RW (ReWritable) burner allows for multiple rewritings onto a blank R/RW disc.

These also apply to CD-RW.  Most of the new CD burners today are CD-RW burners because of the flexibility of writing on either R or RW disc, and indirectly drive down the demand for CD-R burners.

On the other hand, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disk drives are only for reading.  CD-ROM drives are still available, but there are limited selections.

A good strategy to use is to install 2 optical disk drives A high-speed 52x CD-ROM drive and a DVD-RW.  You can work with applications that come in CDs on your CD-ROM and applications that come in CD/CDR/CDRW/DVD/DVDR/DVDRW on your DVD-RW.  This would increase the life-span of your DVD-RW!  Furthermore, you can copy your CD from the CD-ROM to the DVD-RW.  A CD-ROM is fairly cheap today.

Cost of Blank Media (Disc)

When you buy an optical burner, you should consider the cost of blank media.  A -RW disc would cost you about 4 times more than a -R disc, depending on the manufacturer.

Speed of CD / DVD Burner

Ill show you an example of CD-RW / DVD-RW burner speed.  A RW drive with 52x32x52x means it can write up to 52-speed, rewrite up to 32-speed, and read up to 52-speed.  DVD-RWs are much slower.

Sizes of CD / DVD

Heres an overview of the capacity of a CD and a DVD:



Data CD

700 MB

Audio CD

80 mins


4.7 GB

Types of CD / DVD Burners

There are 3 types of CD / DVD Burners:

  • Internal
  • External: For people on the move
  • Combo:  A drive with a combination of CD-RW + DVD